Flowers by Julia Marie
Flowers by Julia Marie


Winter Botanicals: Capturing the Spirit of the Season Flowers


An international collaboration of 19 floral designers, Winter Botanicals: Capturing the Spirit of the Season in Flowers is a beautiful pictorial instructional book.  Inspired by different cultures, geography and traditions, the expressions within these pages interweave the stories and passions of the floral artists through the medium of botanicals of the season.  Each design allows you to learn, in a step by step fashion, how to recreate the design as well as learn tips and techniques.  It will awaken your creativity to tell your stories with Winter Botanicals.



144 Pages

“Rich, creative ad magical, this book tells floral stories across different culture, captivating our imagination while nourishing our souls.”   - Dr. Solomon Leong AIFD CFD PFCI PhD 

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